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Git commit best practices

This post explains how to write good commit messages and how not to write bad commit messages. Also, you will learn some more best practices...

What is an RTOS?
Device Software

RTOS or a Real-Time Operating system is an operating system usually running on an embedded device that can run time-constrained applications...

Generic IoT device architecture
Device Hardware

In this article, you will learn about the generic Internet of Things device architecture. Certain specific components are necessary to consi...

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What is NB-IoT?

NB-IoT or Narrowband IoT is a Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN). It uses a subset of the LTE standard. NB-IoT, which is developed for a new range of IoT devices, focuses specifically on indoor cove...


LTE-M is an LPWAN technology that is similar to NB-IoT. The major difference is latency. LTE-M can be used in mission-critical applications. Also, speed is higher than NB-IoT i.e it allows for more da...

What is IOTA?

[IOTA]('s tangle is an open-source distributed ledger technology ( similar to blockchain ) built for the Internet of Things. It enables data and value transfers between the "thin...

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